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Stephanie Calhoun

March 5, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Stephanie Calhoun has been promoted to Vice President of Operations and shareholder at Teague Insurance. Stephanie joined Teague Insurance in 2007, as a Commercial Account Manager and has since been involved in leadership roles overseeing our customer service departments. With a total of 16 years of experience in insurance, […]

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2020 Teague Employee of the Year – Ashlyn Caldwell

December 31, 2020

This up and comer continues to excel with every task they are given. Whether it is with their job responsibilities or in their leadership of others, they are always willing and eager to learn and apply what they have learned. This individual rises above and beyond what is expected, all while stepping in to help […]

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Why Almost Every Business Needs Additional Insured Coverage

December 9, 2020

You have business liability insurance, but it may not provide coverage if you are considered “vicariously liable.” Do you work with outside contractors or partner with other businesses on ventures? What if they cause injury or property damage to others while doing work for you or representing your interests? Additional insured coverage can protect your […]

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Get Ready for Parametric Insurance

September 23, 2020

Parametric insurance is a type of insurance that does not indemnify the actual loss, but pays when something related has occurred with sufficient intensity to justify payment of a loss. Imagine an insurance policy that pays policyholders not because of damage to their property but due to wind velocities reaching a certain level or an […]

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Automated Driving Would Reduce Crashes by Only a Third

July 21, 2020

Driver mistakes play a role in virtually all crashes. That’s why automation has been held up as a potential game changer for safety. But autonomous vehicles might prevent only around a third of all crashes if automated systems drive too much like people, according to a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. […]

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Leadership in a Pandemic. Leadership Lessons Learned.

July 13, 2020

By Stephanie Calhoun, CIC As I worked on my planning for 2020, I never anticipated that we would have to lead the team through a pandemic. As the Operations Manager of our Customer Service teams, I planned 2020 as usual; push process initiatives forward, develop and promote employees, lead, mentor and coach towards growth. But […]

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Coronavirus Information

March 11, 2020

As the spread of Coronavirus accelerates in the US, business operations need to create plans for virus prevention and business continuity in the event of an outbreak. In addition to the information below from the CDC on hygiene in the workplace, having a business continuity plan is key. Here are some steps to include in […]

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