Individual and Family Health Insurance

We can help you shop and enroll in health plans. We can help you buy…

  • Covered California (on-exchange): Do you qualify for a subsidy? Tax subsidies help you pay your premiums and get better benefits.
  • Direct (off-exchange): You may find a better fit by shopping directly with the carrier.

We offer the lowest rates available with every major carrier in California.

Individual plans may be a fit for people that are:

  • self-employed
  • working for a company that does not offer benefits
  • retired before 65 years old
  • a dependent (spouse or child) that needs more affordable options
  • ex-employee eligible for COBRA
  • unemployed

Medicare-Eligible Plans

If you are eligible for Medicare, we can help you shop options. Medicare-Eligible people are typically:
  • Age 65 and older
  • Under 65 and deemed disabled by Social Security.
  • Have ESRD

We can help you understand what your healthcare options are and how the system works.

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