December 18, 2020

How the Pandemic Could Change the Future of Work

Mobile Apps Will Be More Common

The pandemic has forced many companies to focus more on remote operations, making the use of mobile apps more important. Mobile apps can be used to help employees make timely reports of on the-job injuries and facilitate communications with management and medical providers.

There Will Be Fewer Meetings

Isolation has forced us to rely on more expedient communication methods like email and IM.

There Will Be Less Business Travel

Zoom and other video conferencing technologies have replaced the need for travel to a large extent, appealing to a desire for safety and reducing corporate travel budgets.

Many Office Buildings Will Become Conference Centers

With everyone working from home, the only reason to go to work any more would be to actually meet with people in person.

More Employees Will Be Equipped With Wearable Technology

Wearables such as heart-rate monitors, step-tracking devices and other receptors will have a major impact on monitoring employee health and analyzing productivity.

Working 9-5 Hours Will Be Less Common

As employers allow work from home, they are also recognizing that employees have other responsibilities that require flexibility.

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