David Bloodgood

Business Development Director

In 1992, Dave was serving as a peace officer for the state of California when he was injured on the job during a riot. Five years and well over fifty workers’ compensation claim adjusters later, Dave was forced to retire from the profession he felt born to do at the ripe old age of thirty. His less than positive experience with the workers’ compensation system fueled his quest to educate himself on how the workers’ compensation system really works and create a way or process that forced the system to treat the worker in a timely and more cost-effective way.

Dave began his insurance career in 1997 as a producer and was promoted to sales management in 2001. While he excelled in sales, he knew his destiny and heart were in developing, coaching, and most importantly, supporting salespeople. Not to rely solely on his human capital development skills, Dave is also technically accomplished as well having earned his Property, Casualty, Life, Accident, Health and variable contracts licenses, and has been recognized as a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) through the National Alliance, Society of Insurance Counselors since 2008. Dave has received countless awards, honors and professional recognition over the years, but if you ask him his greatest professional accomplishment, he will tell you that it is a combination of working with agents to achieve their income, family and professional dreams and helping them build rock solid relationships with their service teams and underwriters to most effectively acquire, serve and retain relationships aka: client partners.

While he loves his profession, he also loves his wife and family. Married almost 40 years ago at the Admiral Kid Club to his bride Darlene, they enjoy traveling, attending church, camping, evenings and weekends together working around the house, family and getting caught with their grown daughters Ashley and Alyssa.  As a SoCal native, Dave naturally loves the coast, all things San Diego, contact sports (especially MMA) and is a recovering Charger fan that still relapses from time to time 😊