Barry Cogdill

Group Insurance Broker

Barry Cogdill has been an independent professional health insurance agent and advisor for over 29 years. He is a graduate of San Diego State University, and a permanent resident of San Diego, along with his wife and two children. He moved into the health insurance world after being a partner in one of San Diego’s most innovative and successful graphics firms, and after helping introduce employee benefits to that company.

His background as a long-time small business owner, and decades as an insurance professional give him a unique perspective on the needs of businesses, and the benefit strategies required by companies. His passion, and demand for excellence in serving his clients, have led to a loyal and satisfied client base.

Barry has been a board member of the San Diego Association of Health Underwriters for over a decade, and is a 2 year past President of the association. He has been involved as a citizen lobbyist for both state and federal officials for over 12 years, meeting with our elected leaders to help them understand and provide educated guidance in health insurance regulations and reform.

His hobbies include composing and performing original music with his band, and trying to refine a golf game.

Barry is excited to mesh his experience and vision with the complementary talents and vision of Teague Insurance.